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  • RC photo paper
  • This RC photo paper has quick drying time and is less susceptible to water when compared to plain paper. It provides a look and feel of professional photographic prints. Also,it has a bright white tint, perfect for color accurate proofing applications.

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  • Product Specifications
  • Basis Weight  g/m² Application Description

    From 115g to 350g

    Inkjet printer

    1. Resin coated photo paper.

    2. Excellence in color tone ,whiteness, color perspective ,detail representation and waterproof.

    3. High temperature humidity resistance.

    4. Perfectfor home or office use.

    5. 5760dpi,vivid color quality.

    6. Superb photographic image quality output with a instant dry.

    7. Widely used forvarious brand color inkjet printers.