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    Zhejiang Welbon Pulp & Paper Group Corp. is a leading company of pulp trading and specialty paper manufacturing with a good reputation in China, founded in August 1994. The subsidiaries are: Winbon Schoeller New Materials Co. Ltd., Winbon Technocell New Materials Co. Ltd., Anhui Winbon Schoeller New Materials Co. Ltd., and Welbon Special Materials Co. Ltd.

    The pulp supplied by Welbon is mainly imported from Canada, America, Brazil, Chile, Russia, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and ect. In addition, Welbon is also a major sales agent for several Chinese pulp brands. The pulp grades include softwood pulp, hardwood pulp, bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, and reed pulp. The sales network of Welbon is all over China with sales representatives in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Hebei and Anhui province. Welbon has built a long-term partnership with hundreds of customers.

    Welbon has prompted the strategy of “ both trading and manufacturing”since 2002. The specialty paper manufactures are focusing on the research and development of specialty paper. There are various grades of specialty paper with different applications with an outstanding quality in different areas.

    In the 27-years development, Welbon treasures its credit as the life of the company. With philosophy of determination and innovation, Welbon is getting stronger with well-known brands “Welbon” and “Winbon”.


    Now Welbon in its prime is advancing forward with passion and confidence. 

  • History

    • 1994


      Welbon Group establish in 1994

    • 2002


      Invest in specialty paper industry

    • 2002


      Anhui winbon special material co.,ltd establish

    • 2003


      Zhejiang winbon specialty paper co.,ltd establish

    • 2004


      Anhui welbon special material co.,ltd establish

    • 2006


      No.1 market share for wood pulp supply in China

    • 2007


      Online production of the photographic & digital printing paper

    • 2008


      Online production of the nonwoven paper

    • 2015


      National research institute for specialty paper

  • Subsidiary Factory

    Our manufacturing operations are comprised of 4 subsidiaries: Winbon Schoeller New Materials Co., Ltd., Winbon Technocell New Materials Co., Ltd., Anhui Winbon Schoeller New Materials Co., Ltd., and Welbon Special Materials Co., Ltd.

    Winbon Schoeller New Materials Co., Ltd., a Sino-German joint venture founded by Zhejiang Welbon Pulp & Paper Group and Felix Schoeller Group, founded on February, 2017 with a register capital of 570 million RMB. The company located in Longyou, Zhejiang Province which is the biggest specialty paper manufacturer cluster in, China.

    The company contains two production sites in Longyou and another subsidiary company in Shexian, Anhui Province, and a sales office in Shanghai with a total employment over 1000 persons. There are in total 12 paper machines and 15 coating machines with a total annual capacity over 200 000Mt.


    Winbon Schoeller is dedicated in the development and production of specialty paper. The products portfolio contains 6 categories with 30 grades such as wallpaper, water transfer paper, thermal transfer paper, food packaging paper, medical packaging paper, digital media, blueprint paper. The sales are all over China, but as well as overseas like Thailand, Korea, Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, Australia, and middle East. Winbon Schoeller provides the best products and solutions for home decoration, medic & health, food safety and digital media. 

    Winbon Technocell New Materials Co. Ltd., is the company restructured based on the Zhejiang Grand Rich New Materials Co. Ltd., acquired by Winbon Schoeller New Materials Co. Ltd., in 2018. The company is located in Longyou, Zhejiang Province, the biggest specialty paper industry cluster with a total area of 120 Mu.


    There are three high end paper machines with a total annual output of 60 000Mt décor paper. The products are widely used in furniture, home decoration, and mobile decorations with sales network domestic and overseas.

    Anhui Winbon Schoeller New Materials Co. Ltd. is a national new and high technology enterprise dedicated in the development, production, and sales of specialty paper. It is a subsidiary company of Winbon Schoeller New Materials Co. Ltd. The company is located in the national historical and cultural city Shexian.


    There are two paper machines and various coating machines with an annual output of 25 000Mt with products such as medical packaging paper, food packaging paper, thermal transfer paper, digital media, and kraft paper.

    Welbon Speical Materials Co. Ltd. is founded by Zhejiang Welbon Pulp & Paper Group in 2004. The company is a public company listed in the New OTC market. Stock code 836779. The company is located in Huaining, one of the transportation junctions in southwest of Anhui province.

    There are four paper machines, the annual output is 15 000Mt with products including filter plug wrapping paper, tipping paper, separator paper for alkaline battery, non-heat seal tea filter paper, straw wrapping paper, food packaging paper and aluminum foil backing paper and etc.

  • Certificate

    The company passed ISO9001 Quality Systems, ISO1400 Management Systems, FSC and SGS international quality certifications. And also, Quality and Safety Certificate, GB/T 28001-2001 Occupational Heath and Safety Management System Certificate